Foil Printing

When it comes to invitation planning for the wedding and other events the invitation cards are printed to invite the relatives and friends. As the wedding and other occasions are very special events for bride and groom so from the invitation cards to the decorations etc. they want everything to be special and well arranged. So for this purpose there are different kinds of styles for invitation cards which include gold foil invitations, black and white invitations, and engagement party invitations.

The invitation cards are foil stamped on which the gold silver and rose gold design can be used. The foil stamped design is very delicate and one of the decent design to choose for the invitation cards.  The gold foil which can be also called as glittering gold is one of the most glamourous design.  The foil printing comes in different colors and designs. It’s a thin foil layer which takes many colors other than gold and can be turned into different designs.

Foil printing is very unique and it is trending in the market. The printing works in a very unique patter and the way it gets to its final form is amazing. Apart from gold the foil wedding invitations takes the form of many colors which is threaded and foiled between the machines. The colored foil is placed above the blank invitation card and the different designs are made by the press machines. The stamping of foil is done on the blank paper by applying heat and pressure so that an impression is made on the paper. By heat the colors are embarked on the paper which leaves an amazing impression on the paper. These impressions are so unique that they are becoming trendy in the market rapidly. The ink is not used only the heat and pressure is applied to imprint the result. When the heat is applied on the foil and when the stamping takes place the foil melts on the paper, it leaves an indent and turns into and amazing design which is required. The stamping doesn’t use ink because when the stamping is done on the dark paper the colors change and takes the different form which is not expected. So because of this the foiling is done which imprints the exactly same color as it is required. this is the main reason and very basic reason of using the foil stamping procedures.

The different methods are used to do the foil printing, other than heat and pressure method the desired text and image is imprinted on the paper and then through the press machine the designs are made on the paper on the area where the text or image is embossed. The desired text and image can be imprint on the paper digitally by using different fonts.

For the weddings and engagement party invitation people go for more formal ways. They want their wedding to be special so the make sure that everything for the wedding is special even invitation cards. So foil printing is done on the paper to keep the wedding classier.