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Different Types Of Pallet Racking And Their Advantages

ByLucy Harvey

Jul 3, 2021
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Selective pallet racking system

This type of Colby pallet racking is made inexpensive and easy to use. It is mostly used to place the objects or stuff on or off to the floor of office or any warehouse. Nowadays this type of palette racking is among highly demanded products in the market as they are not so expensive and also they provides a number of customizations in the accessories, designing and sizes of the Colby ballet racking or in dexion shelving. You can use the floor of the warehouse fully if you are using Colby pallet racking or brownbuilt shelving. The beam level can also be adjusted so that you can get the desired height of the racking system.

Main advantages of Colby pallet racking are as follows:

  • They are available in different customized items like in accessories, in size, in design or in colour also.
  • This type of racking is so much convenient that you can get to the desired storage item placing in it whenever you need that very easily and effectively as you have arranged them and keep them organized.
  • It can be made up of rolled form or steel can also be used in its manufacture. But sometimes both of them could be used so that it has the properties if both in its structure making it more strenuous and strong due to which it is capable of holding so much weight without getting g broken or twisted.
  • As their beams can be adjusted easily so you can also adjust its height up to your desired one easily according to your need and rooms capacity.
  • It is very customers pocket friendly; available in reasonable prices.
  1. Drive in pallet racking

This type of Colby pallet racking allows you to maximize the size if the space available in the room by carrying a large amount if storage in it.

  • It has high density storage system which means that its density is high making it capable of carrying a large weight.
  • It can be made from roller formed or structured rack material can also be used in its structuring as well.
  • It stores 35% of the space as compare to that of selective pallet cracking or longspan shelving.
  1. Push back pallet racking

This type of pallet racking is mostly used in such a way that the load could be moved through inclined pathways. It transfers the pallet from the front side to the nested carved of the brownbuilt shelving like pallet.

  • By using this type of racking you are very easily accessible to the documents or the storage stuff very easily and quickly.
  • As it has multiple SKUs which will provide it more flexibility and more density to its structure which means that it could carry a large storage stuff in it.
  • It is low maintenance system which will not bother you to take their great care of it.