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Enjoying Gluten-free Chocolate In Australia

ByLucy Harvey

Nov 6, 2023
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gluten free chocolate australia

Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity should not be ignored. To prevent some adverse health effects, you have to know about foods that have gluten. These can be wheat, rye, barley, and oats. There are a lot of everyday things that you have to leave.  They also include sweets and treats everyone love. There’s no shortage of chocolate options without it.

The Key is in the Label

When shopping for chocolate at the grocery store a gluten-free consumer must read the label. Many brands put ingredients derived from wheat, barely, and malt in their products. Find items with a “gluten-free” label instead.

In Australia, popular brands Cadbury and Lindt have gluten free chocolate in Australia options that make selecting safe items easy. With these two brands alone you can find dairy milk chocolate bars, marshmallow eggs, Santas and other seasonal sweets.

Cooking up Gluten-Free Chocolate Treats

You don’t need to give up baking or cooking if you want to avoid gluten. In all your favourite recipes you can swap all-purpose flour with a blend of gluten free flour for treats like brownies, cookies and cakes. With the growth of gluten-free eating, grocery stores now stock high-quality gluten-free baking mixes, chocolate chips, and other convenient ingredients for homemade gluten-free chocolate goodies. Food blogs and Pinterest provide endless inspiration for whipping up gluten-free sweets. Being gluten-free in Australia no longer means missing out on chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven or a slice of chocolate birthday cake.

The Joy of Gluten-Free Chocolate

Whether choosing ethically sourced bars from a dedicated bean-to-bar chocolate shop or grabbing a gluten-free candy bar from the local grocer, options for quality gluten-free chocolate are increasing for Australian consumers. Reading labels carefully and researching brands remain paramount for safety. Yet, with so many gluten-free offerings now available, from gourmet truffles to childhood favourites, enjoying the flavour and decadence of chocolate is once again possible for those avoiding gluten. When the occasional chocolate craving strikes, more delicious and inventive gluten-free choices exist.

Exploring Specialty & Artisan Gluten-Free Chocolates

In addition to the major chocolate brands, small batch, and artisan chocolatiers create gluten-free chocolate Australia. These specialty chocolates offer bolder flavours, inventive ingredients, and premium chocolate experiences tailored to gluten-free diets. From bean-to-bar operations using single-source cacao to chocolatiers handcrafting truffles and bonbons, these creative chocolate companies cater to gluten-free consumers.

Searching for “gluten-free chocolate” online provides an array of Australian-made options, like The Chocolate Diamond in Tasmania or the KAKAWA Chocolate Factory in Sydney. Sampling locally made gluten-free chocolate supports small businesses while allowing those avoiding gluten to discover new chocolate flavours and textures using responsibly sourced cacao and natural ingredients. When a gluten-free diet restricts so many food pleasures, these artisan chocolates provide exciting gluten-free options. For more information please contact: thecarobkitchen.com.au