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Seamless Shipping For Your Australian Adventure

ByLucy Harvey

Mar 14, 2024
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importing a car to australia

Importing and exporting vehicles is simple! 

We do not purchase or sell automobiles. Our method for exporting and importing a car to Australia is simpler than anything else. From “door to door,” we can handle all related procedures for a single, set fee. Without having to speculate or worry, you receive all the advantages of large company fixed discounts. Let us take care of our specialization, which is safely moving vehicles from point A to point B for the best possible price, while you focus on your regular tasks. Due to our dedication to vehicle logistics and shipping vehicles to australia, we have been named among the top motor vehicle logistics firms globally. With expertise in every facet of the global auto import/export procedure, we can handle the import and export of your car. We have the name in thousands of auto dealers and private buyers/sellers trust for their international vehicle shipping and logistical needs. Assuring complete security and a seamless transaction, we function equally for the buyer (importer) and the seller (exporter). A stress-free experience for shipping vehicles to Australia may be had even if importing or exporting a car can appear like a difficult procedure with lots of hoops to jump through. Thankfully, you have an experienced staff supporting you!

Supercar Secrets: How to Import Your Vehicle to Australia

We provide both container and roll-on/roll-off shipping options for shipping vehicles to Australia. We can provide door-to-door services in Australia and the UK because to our own network of sealed and covered car movers. Not even the smallest dust particle is permitted to enter the space where your pride and pleasure are kept safe since the carriers are totally sealed. Anywhere in is a seller from whom we may collect, and we can deliver straight to your door in Australia.  Then, at a price that beats everyone else’s, we can ship your classic car to ports because we maintain the autos ourselves during the entire procedure. We have been exporting automobiles to Australia for over 30 years, both for ourselves and for investment clients. We regularly ship to all over Australia. Our team of specialists is tiny but incredibly passionate about these autos. Please call us with your particular needs.

Containerized and roll-on/roll-off shipping of classic cars to Australia

Due to the extreme danger of damage that has been encountered by several individuals utilising alternative techniques where more than two automobiles are placed into one 40-foot container, we only transport cars two by two in 40-foot containers and never load more than two cars in a container.  We are pleased to help with the full procedure on both ends, including packaging personal belongings, auto parts, supplies, tools. Roll-on, roll-off shipment of classic automobiles from the UK to Australia is not something we advise since the drivers carry the cars aboard the ship first, then subsequently never drive slowly and never warm up the engines before switching them from one ship to another at a foreign port.