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What Is So Special About Acrylic Photo Blocks?

ByLucy Harvey

Aug 23, 2021
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We would all agree about the fact that everything is getting modified with the passage of time be it the conversion of handsets to smart phones or computers to laptops. Leaving technology aside; even the simplest form of things are also getting modified like photo frames. There used to be a time when people hung their photos in traditional frames and then there were photo frames that were placed by the side of our desks. In fact; there was the trend of giving these photo frames as gifts to your loved ones as well. However; gone are the days of those old forms of frame because now we have been introduced with photo blocks online. These advanced form of photo frames can be made from variety of objects like wood, metal but nothing can beat the effect and outlook of the acrylic made photo blocks.  In this article; we will be discussing about the fact that what is so special about acrylic photo blocks and why is there so much of hype about it.

What is s special about acrylic photo blocks?

Photo block is basically the latest way of hanging your pictures or placing the picture by the side of your bed. You can even get your picture block customized by sending your picture and letting the company upload that picture for you in your preferred picture block. There are wooden made, metal made and other such type of picture blocks but nothing can beat the excellence of acrylic made photo blocks.  The blocks that are made with the acrylic material gives crystal clear outlook. They are of about point seven inches in width and gives the three dimensional effect to the picture inserted in it. The clear transparency of the acrylic photo block and the polished acrylic sides directs sunlight on your photo in such a way that it makes the colours of the photo even more vibrant; hence, giving it the impression of a sculpture.

Photo mounting:

Basically; photo mounting can be defined as the process of pasting the photo print on a solid frame structure. The adhesives are added for this pasting which gives it the appearance of the lamination. The acrylic made photo mounts projects best effects in light. This process is not like a typical printing process in which heat is used to print the material of the paper n the hard frame rather it include the usage of acrylic resin, which are made from acrylic acids. Lots of derivatives are made from the acrylic acids as it posses such qualities that it can be converted into various forms.


Photo blocks are the modified forms of photo frames in which photo placed gives a three dimensional effect. The acrylic picture blocks gives a transparent, crystal clear look and adds to the colours of the picture. You can buy the best quality of photo blocks as well as photo mounting from “Acrylic mounting”.